Walking and hiking holidays from local guides

Those boots were made for walking. Grab them and let Vidados take you on a hike around the best walking and hiking holidays in the world.

Expert walking guides around the globe

Vidados will feature walking and hiking holidays led by expert guides. Guides who are passionate about discovery, uncovering places you’d never have stumbled upon on your own. Places with the best views, local life, plants and flowers and seascapes to delight.

Hiking, trails and self guided walking tours

Some places can only be appreciated on foot. For the more independent walkers out there, Vidados will offer a collection of self-guided walking and hiking trips where maps and notes are provided giving you the freedom to take things at your own pace.

If you prefer having the experience of a local guide or want to tackle the more extreme hikes around where a guide is essential, Vidados will connect you with local guides who’ll lead the way for an amazing trip.

Vidados’ walking and hiking collection from the best local guides around the world is coming soon with a holiday for your bucket list.

Scuba diving holidays from local dive masters

Is that a camel walking along the beach? Yes, a camel, really.  After a week scuba diving in Egypt, you’ll be as familiar with the local camels as you will be with the Napoleon wrasse, puffer fish, lionfish and even a sea cucumber or two.

Scuba diving lets you experience life at a different depth. After a couple of days of pool training, you will be ready to get out into the ocean to start to get acquainted with life underwater. Vidados’ scuba diving collection will feature the best dive sites around the world. From the Azores to Egypt , Malta to the Maldives, Costa Rica to Cape Verde and more.

Open water, advanced, rescue diver through to dive master

Scuba diving holidays are not just the preserve of those in possession of a PADI card.  There’s a wide choice of diving trips for complete beginners and those who’ve just been out for a day or two in the past.

We recommend you take 4 to 5 days for a combination of practical dives and theory work to gain your PADI open water scuba diving certificate which will allow you to dive to 12ft with a buddy.  This is the world’s most popular and widely recognised scuba diving course and is open to everyone. You just need to be able to swim, be over 10 years old and in good physical health.

After you’ve gained your open water certificate, as long as your last dive was within the previous 2 years, you can go onto take your advanced diver course (usually 2 days) and adventure diver allowing you to dive to a deeper level to experience more.

There’s also a wide range of fun courses to add to your certificate collection including, underwater photography, boat diver and even ice diver.

And if you are looking for a career change, you can go from advance diver right the way through to dive master to live life as an instructor diving around the world.

Want more than just a scuba diving holiday?  Vidados’ has carefully collected a great range of diving plus holidays where you can combine diving with yoga, Spanish lessons and more for a holiday less ordinary.

Vidados’ scuba diving collection from the best local diving schools around the world is coming soon with a holiday for your bucket list.